Industrial Measurement Systems, Inc. offers integration, research and development services.  Areas of expertise include non-destructive evaluation and testing, material characterization, production line quality control and advanced instrumentation software.  Additionally, we have extensive grant authoring experience from which to provide authoring services for technical and cost proposals.

We provide software development and customization services.  Our services include from graphical user interface overhauls to full scale development of software solutions.  Additionally, we offer software integration services to enhance production line monitoring and to modernize facilities. Click for more information.


We are a National Instruments Alliance member and provide full service integration and development services.  Our certified developers can build software applications for inspection and monitoring, motion control, vision, data acquisition and management among others.  Our team will build systems from scratch or add features to existing systems including full assembly, wiring and documentation.  Contact us for a quote.


We provide testing services using our ETEK systems with which we can measure the elastic constants of various materials including friction materials, composites, plastics, ceramics and metals from -40°C to 320°C. Click for more information

ETEK Contract Testing

Our experience in measurement science, including NDE/NDT, dimensional gauging, material characterization and unique thermal analysis is provided in our consulting services. We offer material characterization services using our existing products and technologies.  Additionally, friction material characterization through our ETEK system is available. Click to view our knowledgebase and explore our technologies.