ETEK Contract Testing Services


ETEK Friction Material MeasurementsIndustrial Measurement Systems, Inc. offers research and testing services using our ETEK systems.  The ETEK is a state-of-the-art elastic constant measurement system capable of measuring the elastic constants of friction materials, composites, plastics, ceramics and metals from -25°C to 325°C.

ETEK test data provided by IMS, Inc. Service Laboratory conforms to SAE specification J2725, which describes specifications for making elastic constant measurements on friction materials.  Elastic constant data is exceptionally important for models and simulation in friction materials development.  The IMS ETEK system is the leader in measuring relevant elastic property data.  ETEK data can speed development, lowering costs and identifying critical performance characteristics earlier in development.



The ETEK 3000 measures all five independent elastic constants for:

  • Young's Modulus
  • Shear modulus
  • Poisson's Ratio

IMS offers full ETEK data reports with summary and description data.  Contact us for more information.