The UltraPulse family of PXI Ultrasonic Pulser-Receivers are compact, have 1-4 channels and operate up to 20Mhz.  They are designed for precision and accuracy, including fully programmable pulser operation and receiver Time Gain Compensation.  An integrated 12-bit 200MHz digitizer provides high speed quality digitization for all ultrasonic applications.  Analog outputs can be fed to other instrumentation.  Time-of-Flight precision is as fine as 100ps.


The UltraTherm family of 4 channel PXI instruments for Ultrasonic Thermometry are the first of their kind.  These instruments have the capability of measuring temperature and heat flux in the most demanding environments.  The units are compact and relatively low cost.

These products are coming soon.


The ETEK 3000 is an ultrasonic instrument for measuring the elastic moduli of composite materials.  It is the most capable instrument worldwide for the examination of the acoustic properties of friction materials.  Click for more information

ETEK 3000

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Software Products include the Ultra family of data acquisition and processing software, HSL tools for RGB to HSL color space conversion, graphical and driver addons for National Instruments LabVIEW and other research tools. Click to view our software catalogue.