The UltraPulse family of PXI Ultrasonic Pulser-Receivers are compact, have 1-4 channels and operate up to 20Mhz.  They are designed for precision and accuracy, including fully programmable pulser operation and receiver Time Gain Compensation.  An integrated 12-bit 200MHz digitizer provides high speed quality digitization for all ultrasonic applications.  Analog outputs can be fed to other instrumentation.  Time-of-Flight precision is as fine as 100ps.


The iETEK measures out-of-plane modulus and signal loss in an intact brake pad, non-destructively, using the same ultrasound technology as the ETEK. The iETEK provides data indicating spatial uniformity and batch-to-batch consistency for Quality Control.


The ETEK 3000 is an ultrasonic instrument for measuring the elastic moduli of composite materials. The only commercially available instrument, available worldwide, to measure all of the independent elastic and engineering constants in friction materials. Click for more information

ETEK 3000

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The RiETEK measures Dynamic Modulus and Signal Loss, non-destructively, in an intact brake pad using the same ultrasonic technology as the ETEK and iETEK. Its modular design supports integration into an automated production environment.