The iETEK makes through the thickness (out-of-plane) modulus measurements on intact brake pads at ambient temperatures using pre-loads from 100N to 800N. Single Load measurements are typically made at 700N while Cycle Load measurements measure the change in modulus for an operator selected range. See SAE specification J3175.

iETEK SoftwareDynamic modulus (Young's Modulus) values are calculated for up to 8 positions per pad. Total thickness and signal loss of the pad are automatically measured for each position. Data is written to a Microsoft Excel® file with one row of data per pad, allowing easy comparison for batches of pads. An automatic counter increments the part number tracking specific parts and speeding measurement. Several options include rapid measurement mode, providing the user a selected time interval between positions on a pad. An optional foot pedal is also available to replace some keystrokes.

In addition to Modulus measurements at a single load, the iETEK is capable of making measurements for a range of pre-loads. The operator initially make a measurement at a single load, then clicks a button to switch to cycle cload.


The images above illustrate the load dependent modulus of a friction material (right) compared to most other materials such as acrylic or metals (left).

iETEK SystemFeatures

  • Ambient temperature
  • No sample preparation required
  • No couplant
  • Non-destructive test on intact pads
  • Rapid out-of-plane modulus and signal loss measurement
  • Multiple positions per pad
  • Single load or Cycle load measurement
  • Automatic thickness measurement
  • Microsoft Excel® report
  • Minimal training. Fast and easy to use
  • QC applications
  • Same ultrasonic technology as ETEK 3000


ETEK/iETEK Contract Testing Services

IMS, Inc. also provides testing services with our ETEK systems.  We make measurements on the ETEK using SAE specification J2725 with pre-loads from 5 to 55 bar and temperatures from -25°C to 325°C. Our Enhanced measurement procedure for friction materials provides elastic and engineering constants as a function of temperature and load. In addition, we make measurements on intact pads on multiple positions using the iETEK. More Details...

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