ETEK 3000

ETEK 3000 v3.5

The ETEK 3000 is the world's foremost acoustic measurement instrument for friction materials.  Using ultrasonic technology, the ETEK 3000 can measure all relevant elastic constants of friction materials as well as composites.  Currently, ETEK elastic property data on new friction material formulations are required by all major US automobile manufacturers.

ETEK 3000 SoftwareThe brake systems for new automobile models are often specifically tailored to the individual needs of each model or platform.  Customer satisfaction is critically dependent on braking free of noise, vibration and harshness.  Characterization of the brake components is needed for good NVH characteristics.

To speed the development of new friction material formulations and to design quiet systems, sophisticated models and simulations have been developed.  The predictive capability of these models is dependent on accurate elastic property data, which can be responsible for both the generation and propagation of noise and vibration.

NVH characteristics of vehicles become increasingly important factors in automobile development with advances in hybrid and electrical drivetrain components, which while generally decreasing the overall noise and harshness of a vehicle, allow for the noises and vibrations of other components, such as the braking system to become more noticeable and important.

The ETEK measurement system is positioned as the leader in measuring relevant elastic property data for friction materials.  ETEK systems have been sold to brake development laboratories of major US car manufacturers, first tier brake systems suppliers and major friction material manufacturers through the world.

The ETEK 3000 measures all five independent elastic constants for:

  • Young's Modulus
  • Shear modulus
  • Poisson's Ratio

ETEK 3000 SystemFeatures

  • Controlled temperature measurement environment from
    -25°C to 325°C
  • Adjustable pre-load up to 1000N
  • High speed data acquisition
  • Advanced database and data management
  • Advanced reporting features including automatic graph generation and export to Microsoft Excel®
  • Available load-dependent measurement package


More information about the ETEK including ETEK whitepapers and sample data and reports from the ETEK are available in our Downloads section.

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ETEK/iETEK Contract Testing Services

IMS, Inc. also provides testing services with our ETEK systems.  We make measurements on the ETEK using SAE specification J2725 with pre-loads from 5 to 55 bar and temperatures from -25°C to 325°C. Our Enhanced measurement procedure for friction materials provides elastic and engineering constants as a function of temperature and load. In addition, we make measurements on intact pads on multiple positions using the iETEK. More Details...

Production Testing

In-line Quality Assurance testing of brake pads requires automation in combination with rapid ultrasonic measurement.  This usage would allow ETEK technology to perform as a quality control instrument.  More Details...