RiETEK - Dynamic Modulus Measurement on As-manufactured Brake Pads in a Production Environment

The RiETEK instrument is specifically designed for automation vendors and systems integrators who wish to incorporate dynamic modulus measurements into in-line testing systems. Integrators supply pre-load and part positioning. In production applications each RiETEK unit acts as the client instrument controlled by a host computer. All communication with the RiETEK is done using standard Modbus TCP communication protocol. Systems can be configured as single or multi-instrument RiETEK units. Once parts are loaded, rapid, non-destructive modulus measurements are completed in less than 300 milliseconds.


  • Brake pad dynamic modulus and signal loss measurements
  • Automatic measurement point algorithim
  • Modbus TCP protocol for automation
  • Two certified iETEK sensors
  • iETEK processing software
  • Calibration block and software
  • Modular unit for rack mounting
  • Multiple units can be used for simultaneous measurement on multiple positions
  • Fast modulus measurements time < 300 milliseconds

RiETEK Components

Each RiETEK unit consists of an ultrasonic pulser, high gain receiver, high-speed A/D, and processor. The unit is supplied with specially designed ultrasonic sensors which allow for non-destructive testing of a wide variety of friction materials. Modbus TCP is used to initiate the measurement and transfer the test results to a host computer.