UltraPulse PXI-200

Pulser Specifications

Number of Pulser Channels: 4

Pulse Type: Positive and Negative programmable excitation (supports all positive and negative  combinations including Code-Division patterns) with frequency matching 100kHz -10MHz

Pulse Amplitude: +/-90V (180V peak to peak) max, 256 programmable steps

Pulse Mode: 4-Channel Pulse-Echo or 4-Channel Through-Transmission

Repetition Rate: 100Hz - 1kHZ

Pulse Duration and Cycle Jitter: <50ps

Trigger Output: 3.3V


Receiver Specifications

Gain: Up to 80dB in 0.1dB steps

Bandwidth: 50MHz

Time-Gain Control: Fully programmable 6Mhz response TGC with 0.1dB steps

Noise: 0.7nV/h√hz

External Trigger Input Sync: <5ns



200MHz 12-bit, clock locked <10ps

Also includes analog output


Unit Specifications

Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C

Universal 3U PXI (3.3 or 5V compatible)

WindowsXP, Vista, 7 compatible control software


A New Breed of Ultrasonic Pulser/Receiver

The world’s first fully programmable PXI Pulser-Receiver.  UltraPulse is designed to offer the precision you need for even the most demanding industrial and NDT tasks.  Easy to use software with Windows® based operation enables quick setup and integration.  4-Channel operation, integrated programmable Time-Gain Compensation, high precision timing, positive and negative frequency matched excitation and over 80dB of gain are just some of the features that make the UltraPulse so versatile and flexible for nearly any application.

100kHz-10Mhz frequency matched pulse operation allows programmable pulse shapes with any combination of positive and negative excitation pulses; enabling separate Code-Division patterns for each channel.

An integrated digitizer for high precision measurement is included and is locked to the pulsing circuitry for the highest level of timing stability and accuracy.

PXI Platform

PXI. Elegant. Compact. Productive.

The PXI platform, based on the CompactPCI architecture, is a platform dedicated to instrumentation.  With PXI, you can integrate test, inspection and research hardware into a compact, modular assembly.  The PXI-200 is the world's first PXI ultrasonic pulser/receiver, bringing Ultrasound to new environments included automated test, rugged portable systems and high density arrays where multiple PXI-200s can be stacked for high channel count systems.

PXI allows for modular PC-based control of your instruments with fast data transfer and precise timing.  The 3U form factor of the PXI-200 is compact at just under 5"x8" and energy efficient.

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