Ultrasonic Thermometry Technology

Thermal News Article (PDF) - a recent edition of Thermal News includes an article written by IMS Project Engineer Mark Mutton and explains our newly developed ultrasonic temperature and heat flux measurement technology (see page 10 for the Feature Article).

Quantitative NDE Analysis (PDF) whitepaper of our technology in use for the analysis of large caliber guns.

Application note on Ultrasonic Localization (PDF)

Application note on Materials Measurement (PDF)

Application note on Thermometry concept (PDF)

ETEK Technology

Friction Material Analysis (PDF) - The ETEK measures the Elastic Constants of Friction Materials including automotive brake pads.  This report uses ETEK technology to analyze the variability of automotive brake pads, showing the need for high-quality analysis of friction materials in design and manufacturing.

Reports generated by the ETEK

The ETEK gathers relevant Elastic Constant data.  The following sample reports demonstrate the type of data that the ETEK can provide

The ETEK can also report on Uniformity of samples. The following Uniformity Analysis articles show how the ETEK can be used to analyze the uniformity of as-manufactured intact brake pads

ETEK performance

The ETEK's measurement performance, quality and reproducibility were evaluated through a round-robin process.  The results are posted here:

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