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Research, Technology and Software Innovation

Industrial Measurement Systems, Inc. is a research and development firm that creates measurement systems to speed product development, measure critical material properties, and improve product quality. IMS, Inc. develops and manufactures systems for automotive, electronics and defense industries. IMS has an extensive background in materials science, sensor technology, and manufacturing technology to produce measurement solutions that accommodate the constraints imposed by materials and manufacturing environments and to produce results that relate to product performance.

IMS Inc. is particularly adept at applying sensor technology in hostile environments encountered in manufacturing and product performance. Our high temperature ultrasonic technology is used to measure barrel erosion and internal bore temperature in large caliber guns under live fire conditions. Similar technology is used to measure the elastic constants in anisotropic composite brake linings under loads and temperatures found in brake applications. Non-contact optical and x-ray gauging methods are used to measure dimensional stability and dimensional tolerances in electronic components at the point of manufacture.