These are some of the technologies in use by IMS.

ETEK Technology

Ultrasound can measure material properties such as elastic constants and material moduli, and is utilized to do so in the ETEK which helps formulate friction material designs in automotive brake pads.  ETEK systems have been used in the industry for over fifteen years and SAE standards exist for the operation of an ETEK enabled machine.

Ultrasonic Thermometry
IMS is at the forefront of promoting the use of ultrasonic thermometry.  Ultrasonic thermometry can sense temperatures and measure heat flux on interior surfaces of a material, turning a material or component into a sensor itself.

Ablation Thermometry
The principles of ultrasonic thermometry are applicable to many different types of materials.  As a consequence, erosion and ablation can be measured with some modifications to sensors.

Optical Imaging
IMS has utilized several different methods of optical imaging in research and sensor systems.  Optical imaging is a versatile detection method for many different kinds of flaw inspection and analysis.

National Instruments LabVIEW
IMS is a National Instruments Alliance Partner and utilizes LabVIEW technology in many applications.  In-house certified developers are capable of providing state of the art LabVIEW based applications.  LabVIEW is a fully graphical programming language, which unlike text-based languages is capable of expression in two dimensions for seamless parallelism and improved developer-system interaction.  The use of LabVIEW can decrease development, testing and deployment time significantly.  LabVIEW is ideal for many industrial applications.