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Ultrasonic Thermometry is a revolutionary technology designed to look through objects to estimate temperature and heat flux at surfaces, through a material and between regions of a material.  Ultrasonic Thermometry is a non-intrusive, fast response, and temperature independent method of measurement.  Click to learn more about Ultrasonic Thermometry.

Ultrasonic Thermometry

Non-destructive measurement of elastic constants is possible with IMS ETEK technology. We have performed studies on intact production brake pads from multiple manufacturers and processes where ETEK technology reveals the effects of changes in manufacturing processes and quality using different methods.  Click to see the data from our studies and learn more about how ETEK technology can benefit your material formulation and manufacturing capabilities.

Elastic Constants

IMS Technology is a continuing development since IMS is a research and development company.  Some technologies that we are pioneering include the measurement of elastic moduli with ultrasound and Ultrasonic Thermometry.  Click to learn more about IMS technologies.


These application notes include examples of how IMS technology can be employed to solve problems in research, development and manufacturing.  Click for the full listing.

Application Notes